Ecodyst’s Innovative Self-Cooling Technology is Sustainable

Ecodyst’s instruments do not require water or anti-freeze for cooling. With our rotary evaporators, researchers using tap water for cooling and flushing precious water down the sewage do not have to be concerned with water bills anymore.

This innovative self-cooling technology is sustainable too.

Press Release

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Ecodyst To Be Featured At The CED Life Science Conference 2017

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), the largest and longest-running network for entrepreneurs in the country, today announced that over 50 of the region’s most innovative, disruptive entrepreneurial companies have been selected to be featured at the CED Life Science Conference 2017, to be held February 28-March 1 in Raleigh, NC.

Twenty-four (24) companies will present live on stage at the conference. Entrepreneurs from each of these companies will share their story and pitch their business in front of 1,000 attendees including the most active, influential investors and life science leaders from across the country.

This year’s on-stage presenting companies, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Company Name – Sub-sector – City

410 Medical – Medical Device – Durham

Agile Sciences – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Raleigh

Anutra Medical, Inc. – Drug Delivery – Morrisville

Applied LifeSciences & Systems – Animal Health – Raleigh

baebies, inc. – Diagnostic – Durham

BioMedomics, Inc. – Diagnostic – Durham

Bonumose Biochem – AgTech – Charlottesville (VA)

CivaTech Oncology, Inc. – Medical Device – Research Triangle Park

Contego Medical, LLC – Medical Device – Raleigh

Ecodyst – Diagnostic – Cary

kēlaHealth – Healthcare IT/Digital Health – Durham

KindHeart, Inc. – Medical Device – Chapel Hill

Locus Biosciences – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Raleigh

MKT Enterprise – Medical Device – South Windsor (CT)

Neuro Pharmalogics Inc. – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Boca Raton (FL)

OncoTAb, Inc. – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Charlotte

Panaceutics Inc – Drug Delivery – Research Triangle Park

Physcient, Inc. – Medical Device – Durham

PT Wired – Healthcare IT/Digital Health – Greensboro

Renovion, Inc. – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Durham

Ribometrix, Inc. – Biotech and Pharmaceutical – Chapel Hill

SiNON Therapeutics – Drug Delivery – Research Triangle Park

UVision 360, Inc – Medical Device – Raleigh

Vigor Medical Systems, Inc. – Medical Device – Raleigh

The companies represent a diversity of life science sub-sectors, including: biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare IT/digital health, diagnostics, drug delivery, animal health, consumer product, and AgTech.

Featured companies were chosen by a selection committee made up of distinguished local entrepreneurial community members, including active angel investors, local and regional venture capital firms, community and corporate partners, and CED’s Director of Entrepreneurship Jay Bigelow.

“The CED Life Science Conference provides life science entrepreneurs with unparalleled exposure and valuable connections. With a record number of applicants this year, we are able to feature more entrepreneurs on stage, from emerging startups to companies with significant traction,” said Bigelow. “North Carolina remains a top hub for life science innovation, and these entrepreneurs exemplify the opportunity to successfully start, grow and scale a company here.”

Bigelow noted that applicants listed more than 35 separate entrepreneurial support organizations that have assisted them as they build their businesses, including CED.

In addition to the selected companies, a handful of growth-stage entrepreneurs will utilize the conference as a platform to publicly release exclusive, newsworthy updates live on the main stage.

From on-stage presentations to one-one-one networking in the Innovation Room, the CED Life Science Conference is the most efficient, cost-effective way to meet the top life science companies in the region. The conference also features high-level networking events and services including sophisticated partnering software. Partnering allows attendees to schedule private meetings to maximize connections at the conference; it is included with registration for entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, and university professionals.

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Ecodyst Selected As Finalist For NC IDEA Foundation Grant

Ecodyst has been selected as one of the Eleven Finalists for the NC IDEA Foundation Seed Grant, below is a press release by NC IDEA Foundation announcing the finalists.


NC IDEA Foundation Selects Eleven Finalists from Across the State
in Fall 2016 Seed Grant Cycle

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Ecodyst Grants Q&A Session with Startup TechWire

CARY, N.C. — Ecodyst has been making news lately, having been selected to advance to the semi-finals of the NC IDEA grant application process and receiving the 2016 American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Industrial Innovation Award. The following is a Q&A with George Adjabeng, who co-founded the company in 2014.

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Ecodyst as Part of Semi-finalists for NC IDEA Grant Application

Ecodyst has been selected to advance to the semi-finals of the NC IDEA Grant application. This brings us much pleasure because out of the hundreds of companies that applied, we were part of the selected few. An excerpt from the email sent to notify us of our semi-finalist status can be seen below:

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Ecodyst Receives the 2016 SERMACS Industrial Innovation Award

Today, Ecodyst is excited to announce that Ecodyst is the 2016 recipient of the American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Industrial Innovation Award. This nationally recognized award is further evidence that Ecodyst’s creative innovation is beginning to impact the local, regional and national economy.

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Brock University Student using the EcoChyll donated by Ecodyst

A 2nd year undergraduate student, Robin, using the EcoChyll that Ecodyst donated to Brock University (Canada).brock-student

Ecodyst- Designed by Scientists for Scientists

Ecodyst Receives the 2016 SERMACS Industrial Innovation Award

September 5, 2016   

 Press Release


Ecodyst Receives the 2016 SERMACS Industrial Innovation Award

 Today, Ecodyst is excited to announce that Ecodyst is the 2016 recipient of the American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Industrial Innovation Award. This nationally recognized award is further evidence that Ecodyst’s creative innovation is beginning to impact the local, regional and national economy. By bringing critical solutions to an industry that has not seen any significant innovations in the last sixty years, Ecodyst is definitely positioned for a national and global take off. Ecodyst’s primary focus on the customer and its strong desire to make instruments that incorporate customer desired features has resulted in satisfied and happy customers. Ecodyst is speeding the path to discovery.

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CED Tech Venture profile: Ecodyst, targeting manufacturing with ‘disruptive’ self-cooling technology

One of the “coolest” companies presenting at CED Tech Venture is Ecodyst, a two-year-old Cary startup with patented self-cooling technology that it says is “disruptive.”

  • Video: Watch an overview of Ecodyst technology at:

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Ecodyst Selected For CED Tech Venture Conference 2016

Ecodyst has been selected to present in this year’s CED Venture Conference as a Lightning Round presenter on the main stage. With over 115 worldwide applicants from a very competitive pool, the Steering Committee, Ecodyts, submission was deemed among the best!

New this year for the themed #TheNext event is a “lightning round” during which 13 startups have the opportunity to make brief pitches to investors.

The CED says it added the feature due in part to a record number of applications from across the state.

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How New Generation Rotary Evaporators Work


Rotary evaporators (“rotavaps”) have for decades been staples in labs and industries performing chemistry, including labs in the chemical, environmental, materials, life science, and forensics industries. Key applications include sample concentration, solvent recycling, extractions, and separation of solvent mixtures. Rotavaps consist of a heating fluid bath, rotating motor, evaporating flask, condenser, collection flask, and vacuum source. Solvent distills from the sample under the combined effects of heat and vacuum, and collects in the collection flask after condensation by the condenser.1

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Brock grad returning “home” to give back

George Adjabeng was born in Ghana and lives in the United States. But, he still considers Brock University his home. While he completed his Master’s in Chemistry at Brock, Adjabeng says he learned effective researching and the value of collaboration.

“The education I received at Brock really prepared me for what I’ve been able to accomplish,” he says. “It gave me the ability to be innovative and creative.”

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Making Rotary Evaporators Cool Again



Rotary evaporators, which chemists fondly refer to as rotovaps, are used to swirl a sample in a round-bottom flask like a wine connoisseur swirls an expensive glass of Bordeaux. But instead of trying to draw out the bouquet and taste as a connoisseur would for wine, chemists use rotovaps to remove solvents from a completed organic reaction, leaving the desired product behind.

Commercialized in 1957 by the Swiss company Büchi, the vacuum-assisted devices turn sample flasks in heated baths to draw out solvent vapors through a series of tubes. The condensed solvents can be disposed of or reused, and the samples left behind go on for further analysis.

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